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I'm super excited about my new art show that is opening in January. 
"PAINTED LADIES" (FYI there are also painted men...)
The Open House is on January 12th at the Impresario Market in Cobourg 
(37 King St. West). The show runs from January 7th to the 31st. The walls will be filled with new Figurative Abstraction paintings and drawings. Please come out and see what I've been up to!

New Doodles

I was bored (at work-lol) and picked up my sketch book. These are a couple of doodles I came up with.

Carrie's Delphi... Delphina .... Delphinians..... Flowers! Artists can't spell.
I just really like this last drawing. I think the reason why is because it was quick and fun without being too fussy. It's also a drawing that you can hang on your wall and visitors won't feel uncomfortable... if you know what I mean. :) Thanks Tanje for letting me take this photo. Hope you don't mind that its now on my blog! lol

And again, trying something new. This painting is of Tenje and has been done over an existing painting of a map of Canada. If you look close you can see the existing land and water masses and a caption - and I don't know what it reads any more.
This painting is in my office. I like it because it makes me think of summer. I sound like I am writing a childrens book, lol.
This is a picture I have been working on for the last couple of days. It may still change as I'm not sure I'm done with it. I've changed it a few times already. As you can see the bridge is actually ripped up newspaper. Do you know where this is?