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This painting is called 3rd Line & Stewart Rd..... pretty imaginative, eh? The challenge was to make a boring road look interesting. This weekend I plan to tweak a painting which I had started about a month ago.  Hopefully by Monday I will be able to post it completed. 
Lilac Festival in Warkworth Spirit of the Hills - May 25th and 26th
We had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful (in the sun, lol).  We met a lot of amazing people both participation and watching.  Can't wait to do it again next year. 

Thanks to Sue Wilkins and Spirit of the Hills for putting on a great day for all of us artists.SOLDin Warkworth! Lilac Festival

I will be posting more photos shortly...
There will be paintings available for purchase from all of the participants  of this years "Paint Out" at 31 Main Street, Warkwarth. This is another sample of the pieces that will be available  this weekend at the Lilac Festival -
This is a blurry photo of a painting I have started last night. I actually started 2 of them and I'm not happy with the other one yet... I'm planning on taking this one to Warkworth this weekend.
There is going to be a bunch of us including my sister, niece and dad plein air painting this weekend (May 25th and 26th) in WARKWARTH during the 50 Shades of LILAC festival. Our paintings will be for sale...  If you are interested in more info please visit:
This painting you may recognize. My friend Paul took (bought) the original right off my wall...  It seems I wasn't ready to let it go so I painted a replacement! You can find more information above under the heading "Landscapes"
This is my latest painting that I'm thinking of entering into the Colborne Juried Art Show ....unless, of course, I sell it first! 
ART IN PUBLIC SPACES The Arts Council of Northumberland have teamed up with different venues in the  area that are interested in presenting the work of Northumberland Artists. 
Terri and Sue are "hanging" out with Maya at their new home at the Northumberland Hills Hospital. There are 15 pieces total and I'm sharing the space with Janet Figueira (my seastar)  and Anita Gutteridge. They will be there for 3 months. Go and visit them!

We had a great weekend at the Brian Smith Workshop in Warkwarth. Thanks again to Diane Arsenault and Susan Groot for doing all the planning.  (I'm sorry if I have forgot someone)
This is a sample of what we were working on...  Can you see the figure? Hint... you are supposed to see 1 knee...