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PineRidge Art Show

This is a busy time for juried art shows. 
Back in September, The PineRidge Art Show requested the paper work including the name, size of painting and price. They get really off side if you try and change anything from the original paperwork. Well, since that time I have completed 5 paintings. 
This is the painting I entered.

"Looking Up Through the Trees" (lol)
40" x 30"

(Award of Excellence)


  1. Nancy I really miss your picture, Looking up between the trees LOL, since it has left it's spot at the McLean Centre.
    I spoke to you and put an offer of $500.00 and left my name and number.
    I love that picture so much that I have an another artist that is willing to paint me that same picture only I'm afraid he will not capture the same colors and mystery of your picture. Let me know if there is any hope for me getting you picture.
    Val Ahearn email


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