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Master Class

Thanks again to Brian Smith for inviting me to participate in his 
Master Class at his studio at King and Spadina. 

Complete a value study in reverse
The image on the left is the reverse value (darks where there is light, etc.) 
The right photo is reversed in photoshop. 
It was really difficult to switch your brain around.
Honestly I thought this exercise was pointless until Brian 
showed us on his cell the reverse picture :)

The next project was to incorporate random typography into your drawing.

Number 1
I started with a charcoal rendering with no idea of where my type was going to go. 
I thought that the reference to black and white and colour was clever...
I think it looks very Toulouse-Lautrec...

Number 2
I started with a charcoal rendering and completed a blind contour drawing over it. 
This created a really neat effect. I then glued the type on the top. 

We had 3 hours left.... everyone but me completed a portrait. 
I went nuts with colour....Again!


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