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New Blog Look, New Autumn Painting!

Recently I had decided that my blog needed a new fresh look. 
I was able to revise and test it last week and, hopefully, I've ironed the bugs out.
What do you think? 
On the weekend I was busy working on a new idea. The beautiful autumn colours 
(and rain) make it easy to "waste time" in the studio. I was up all night with this one 
and very excited to see where this piece will take me. 
I will post pictures when it's complete. 


  1. you have shared whatever was in ma mind, i like your art which is your blog. i'd really share your bio as an artist on Nefelibata.
    it's ma art : D for those cloud lovers. like you can get your fave piece of artworks, a cloud.
    wish you visit mine : )


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