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Landscape Artist of the Year Canada

In September of last year I was asked to participate as a Wildcard artist on The Landscape Artist of the Year. The episode that I appeared in was filmed at Cobourg Marina (episode 2). The artists were given 4 hours to create an image which would be judged and the top 3 would continue at the paint-off at the end of the season. Sadly, I didn't place and ended up mostly on the cutting room floor, lol. I had a great time and met amazing people. The show airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on Makeful.  SOLD! Landscape   Artist  of the Year Canada   airs Sundays at 9 pm ET/PT,  starting February 16, exclusively on Makeful  during the channel’s eight-week free preview event running from Feb. 3 to April 5 across Canada.