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ARTA GALLERY at the Distillery District

Happy Valentines Day.... I'm so excited I've been invited to show at  Arta Gallery   The Distillery District - 14 Distillery Lane, Toronto. OPENING RECEPTION Thursday February 12th, 6pm - 8pm The theme of this exhibit is surounding Valentines day, but not in the conventional way.  Its meant to explore the hidden and all too obvious links that bind people.  Not warm and fuzzy but real and uncomfortable.

The Artist Project

Type.  What would you paint if that is all the information you were given? The theme for the Artist Competition 2015 is TYPE.  We are invited to submit an original work of art based on this theme and the relationship between art and the use of text/language. "WTF" 12" x 24" Acrilyc on Canvas What do you think?

Happy New Year!!

Along with the new year comes new ideas... Now I'm painting for The Artist Project. February 19th - 22nd "Glam Gams" 24" x 24"